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Eczema Experience

We recently had a stand at the Gluten Free Show in Christchurch and talked to a large number of people about the role of Flax Seed oil on food allergies and Flax Seed fibre on bowel, prostate and breast health.

We saw one horrifying sight – a very restless and upset two year old being lugged around by a very young mum. The wee boy had terrible red, angry, scaly eczema all over the visible bits of his skin – apparently his skin is all like this.

Having been through this experience myself I can imagine what life is like for the whole family – not fun.

I was fortunate to find the solution for Oliver and my family, which is why I now make the best Flax Seed oil in the world and continue to use it regularly.

So we dragged this mother over and I had a good chat to her about how important Omega 3 in the diet is and this was the probable cause of her little boys terrible eczema– she knew nothing about nutrition. We also gave the little boy a taste of a Flax Seed oil smoothie which he loved.

Having found that applying the oil direct to the skin took the itch out for Oliver, I rubbed a bit of Flax Seed oil onto his red and angry ankle. About half an hour later I happened to run into them further around the show – his ankle was already looking better – the scalyness was gone and red was looking less angry.

For those of you with milk allergies, another great way to get Omega-3 and sulphur protein (more later) into the whole family is Abby’s Flax Seed oil mayo.

If you want to get the recipe for our flax seed oil smoothie or Abby’s flax seed oil mayo, make sure you check out the recipe page on this blog or check out my other blog entries- both are featured as tips of the day.

If you know anyone with a child with eczema like this “pass it on”.


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