Oil on the mem-brane

How should you get flax seed oil into your diet?

The ultimate way is to mix it with sulphur amino acids because of the benefits to your cell membranes. Milk and eggs are the richest sources of the sulphur amino acids, but other protein foods, like hemp seed, are also good sources.

Emulsifying flax seed oil into foods like yoghurt, cottage cheese and mayonnaise makes the Omega-3 work with increased intensity, which greatly improves its functioning in the body.

When sulphur amino acids are emulsified with flax seed oil, they form lipoproteins in the stomach. The lipoproteins are then absorbed directly into the blood stream and are used by your body for constructing healthy cell walls/membranes.

Why are healthy membranes so critical for good health?

1. They are the key component of the oxygen transport system into the cell. When you start taking flax seed oil in this way most people get a lift in energy levels.

Since cancer cells don’t thrive in a high oxygen environment, such a combination is a key part of most effective natural protocols for cancer patients (See http://cancertutor.com/Cancer/Budwig.html).

Well oxygenated muscles also recover more quickly after exercise and athletic performance can be enhanced.

More on these two subjects later.

2. Undamaged essential fatty acids have a specific shape, which allows them to pack accurately into cell membranes, which minimises leaky membranes.

Leaky membranes are a key cause of allergic reactions from cell contents ending up in the wrong place – think asthma and food allergies.

Leaky membranes also allow water loss from cells, so are a major cause of dry skin, hair and nails (See – I see the signs).

So how do you introduce flax seed oil into your diet and get these great health benefits?


  • By emulsifying flax seed oil into foods like yoghurt, cottage cheese and mayonnaise it makes the oil work with increased intensity, which greatly improves its functioning in the body – this is how healthy cell membranes are constructed.

THE NEXT BEST (because you are getting some sulphur amino acids):

  • Use our delicious Mustard, Miso or Tamari flax oil sauces/dressings from our 3six9 range as part of your meal.
  • Or use Flax Seed oil with food, by adding to your meals – like pour it over your breakfast cereal or evening meal or add to mashed potato (See Recipes page on this blog or http://waihibush.co.nz/recipes.htm for lots more ideas.
  •  My personal favourite is a lightly curried pumpkin soup served with a dollop of sour cream and a slosh of Flax Seed oil.


  • Straight off a spoon – yes it has got a nice nutty flavour, but many can’t handle the oily texture.
  • You can use a treat like raisins to cut the oily texture out of your mouth afterwards.

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